Is it just me or does the sun shine differently in spring?
Don’t get me wrong, I love winter, and snow, and the cold… But how lovely are the first days of spring, when the air is still fresh, the flowers not quite out yet, and it’s actually only a few degrees warmer than during the winter months (yet everybody gets their summer clothes out already). Although the changes aren’t actually that striking, it feels completely different. Maybe it’s the grass turning green, the birds returning from the south and singing their songs, the first bugs humming through the air, or even the sound of airplanes in the sky.
Or maybe it’s knowing that spring is on its way, the thought of sitting outside on a river bench, barbecuing in a friend’s garden, going on hikes, jumping in a lake, or just enjoying ice cream that always melts way too fast and makes a huge mess.
Or is it just our bodies craving the heat of the sun and being outside after the winter time mostly spent in houses by the fire or cuddled into blankets? It’s probably a mix of all these things. Just a deep joy to see the seasons changing that cannot really be grasped. It’s the same every year, but it never fails to be special. It simply feels awesome!

Hope you all had some sunshine today!

(back from hibernation… :D )