Life in slow-motion

Do you know those moments
When you just stop living ahead?
When you ignore your opponents
And simply exist instead?

You become a spectator
And stand still even while moving
And sometimes only realize later
That it felt quite soothing

It feels as if you were in a bubble
You see all the stress going on outside
But for you there’s no trouble
In your zone you can breathe and hide

The feeling of true peace
The deep tranquillity in your cave
The calm in midst of stormy seas
Where you’re completely safe

Feeling good for no particular reason today and decided to just role with it… :)


Lucky Clover

I sit in my room
I should pass the broom
But it’s just a way
To procrastinate

I make bad choices
Blank out the noises
In my head – telling me
To get out of bed

The same problems
Every day
Are they really problems
Or is it me not being ok?
The same problems
Make them go away
Let me be happy
So I can stay

I spend the day
Just waiting away
Not knowing where to start
Not feeling smart

Where is my energy?
Where is the better ‘me’?
How can I start over?
Where’s my lucky clover?


I’m sick of it
Sick of this sh*t
Sick of myself
Sick of being someone else
Gotta be me, do me
Laugh with my roomie
‘Bout all those dark thoughts
And complaining about-
What are we complaining about
It’s nothing, no big deal
Just anxiety that rolls the wheel

The same problems
Every day
It’s up to me alone
To make them go away
And I stay
I will fight
I am smart
My choices bright
And I’m alright

Another song that was written quite quickly and randomly earlier today. Nothing fancy, just me messing around with a guitar and some thoughts.

Have a great day!

When your friend randomly falls…

We walked
The streets for hours
And talked
Through the night

But then
When we passed the church
You fell
And got hurt

You went down
On the ground
And it made
A dull sound

I was shocked
But you said you were alright
And that was when
I lost the fight

I burst out laughing
I couldn’t stop
It was so funny
How you had dropped

But I’m sorry
I really am
For laughing although
You hurt your hand
I’m sorry
Believe me, man
And please forgive me
I hope you can

I am aware of the bad quality of this poem :) – it was actually a little song I quickly wrote for a friend. She had a little accident last time we met and I wanted to apologize for my reaction… (don’t worry, she’s ok, and she laughs about it, too – I even have her permission to put this up here)
I just thought you might be able to relate to those situations where you just can’t help but laugh…

Also, why not start the New Year with a bit of randomness!

The Forest on a Rainy Day

Everyone goes outside on a sunny day, takes walks along the river or through the forest. But have you ever taken the time to go sit in the forest by yourself on a rainy day?

Have you ever taken the time to turn off your phone and put away your book in order to just sit and be?

Have you ever started to listen to the raindrops falling on the roof of leaves above you and on the stones and dirt around you?

Were you ever a bit scared at first from all the sounds you couldn’t quite understand, and have you ever come to the conclusion that you are safe among all these living things around you?

Have you ever hesitated before shooing away a moth and realised that it just wanted to sit down next to you and keep you company for a little while?

Have you ever watched the mountains on the horizon slowly disappear in the creeping darkness and let the light breeze play with your hair?

Have you ever decided to leave, just before it got too dark to find your way back, not because you were afraid, but because you no longer wanted to disturb the nocturnal peace of that special place?

Have you ever taken a truly fulfilling breath before walking home with a light feeling of bliss in your heart?


Weighting Dreams

How heavy is a dream?
How much is it worth
On this weird planet
That we call Earth

Some people might dream small
They want a piece of bread, that’s all
Others have the hugest dreams
They want to possess half the world, it seems

But what if it’s highly unlikely
That the poor people get bread
And much more likely that the rich ones
Get their power instead?

What if the chances to fulfil dreams
Are simply not fair?
But as long as we reach ours
We just do not care?


Lonely or Alone?

This is obviously based on a thought/phrase that was not created by me. But I like it a lot and I think there is quite some truth behind it, so I wanted to include it in a little poem.

Sometimes people feel lonely
Although they’re not alone
And sometimes people feel lonely
Even when they’re home

Strange thing, our inner self
So special and unique
And maybe that is why
It’s never completely understood
Maybe if we were more alike
We could see what it means to others
To feel what they feel
To see what they see

Compassion and empathy
Yes, some of us have it
And surely it helps
But is it ever enough?
Is it enough to make us understand others?
To make us understand ourselves?

Maybe understanding isn’t the point
Maybe sometimes we should just be
Even if we’re alone

Because we can also be alone
Without feeling lonely.


Friendship is like… shoes!

What is friendship?
They ask

It’s blue and crispy and yellow,
I say.
It’s like pineapple and guitar strings,
like mountains and clouds,
I add.
It’s also like books and shoes,
like laughter and cries.

This might seem random, but
1. It isn’t
2. This is me saying that I think friendship is accepting and loving your friends for all their awesome, and crazy, and weird sides.

To all my amazing friends who are always there for me, even after reading my strange poems :)