In life people come and go. Passengers, travellers, searching, finding, losing, winning. Some seem to just stop by, say hello and leave again. You’d never expect them to stick around. But sometimes they do. But even the ones that only share a short part of your path with you can end up touching your life in a way you had never expected. Others make you believe that they will stay forever. Then they’re gone. Leaving behind a mark that might disappear someday. Maybe it will only fade away partially. Maybe it will stay with you forever. No matter what happens with and to it, it’s ok. These marks don’t stain your life, they simply show that you’re living it. Don’t stress over marks you cannot yet burry. Focus on the ones you never want to forget and cherish those. Cherish the people that touched your life in the best way possible – whether you expected them to do so or not. Take a second to reflect on who makes it on this list. Maybe you’ll be surprised at how long it actually is.


On genuine success

Success does not mean money and fame. It means living exactly the life you want to live. Not because it is flawless, but because even its drawbacks help you to live your dream. You can accept them because they, too, allow you to be yourself.

Success means liking who you are, being happy, and spreading love to others. It means being content, proud, and in peace.
However, it also means accepting that feeling down every now and then is just as much part of this game we all play.

The one we call life.

This kind of success cannot be reached by following that one master plan society has come up with.
It is reached by creating your very own.



“What exactly makes an adult different from a child?” asked the kid.

“Structure”, said the woman with the irregular working hours while trying to tidy her messy apartment.
“Security”, said the man who made his money at the casino.
“Reliability”, said the woman who had forgotten to show up at her date.
“Purposefulness”, said the man who was, after years and years, still searching for a job he actually liked.
“A family they could choose”, said the woman, crying, not knowing whether her partner would come back after their last fight.
“Independence”, said the man with the broken foot, waiting for his partner to help him downstairs.
“Responsibility”, said the woman blowing the smoke of her cigarette into the face of her new-born.
“Control”, said the man while the woman next to him absent-mindedly touched her black eye.
“Knowledge”, said the woman who didn’t really know who she was or who she wanted to be.

The kid continued searching, exploring, growing, finding, stepping back and stepping forth, wondering, learning, fearing, laughing, crying, being…
And so did the adults.



My beautiful life, my cheerful life
So full of wonders
Laughter, cheers, and happiness
So full of surprises

But how fragile, how thin the line
The sun won’t always shine
Enjoy the good side, as long as it lasts
It will vanish way too fast

My painful life, my challenging life
So hard to grasp
Quests, tests, and decisions
So hard to pass

How fast everything can change
Feelings from such a wide range
Happy is replaced by sad
Grateful switches over to mad

My regrets, my bad conscious
An aching heart
Worries, tears, and goodbyes
We’re not ready

We will never be
How could we