Thoughts about writing

I haven’t posted anything on here in months. I never post regularly because I like to write when I feel like it and when I have time. I don’t want to force or pressure myself, especially because my studies have to come first. But in the end, this blog always ends up being neglected. Sometimes for a really long time.

I just got an email notification from a fan fiction website where I once posted one or two chapters on a series I used to watch about five years ago. The email said that someone subscribed to it and reviewed it. I have no clue how they managed to come across this insignificant little story in the huge vortex of texts on this platform, but they did, and they took the time to leave me a message, which I highly appreciate.

To sum it up, the review said that the person really liked the story and that it was sad that I never finished it. They said that they subscribed in the hope that I would come back to continue what I’ve started. I was very moved by this post. I had only posted a little something and to me, it was nothing special. In addition, my English was even worse back then than it is not (so pretty horrible  :D ).

I won’t finish that story because it has been too long and I stopped watching said series a long time ago, but it just made me think about my writing. Should I force myself more? Force myself to take the time to write regularly and make conscious decisions about when to sit down and write? I always say that I write for myself, but if that is the case then why do I upload my texts? I also wonder why I haven’t felt the urge to write in a few months. Was I just too busy, or did I just feel like there was nothing to write about? Sometimes I’m scared I’ll eventually just run out of ideas all together. That’s scary because on here I usually post mostly thoughts that are on my mind, so did I get less thoughtful recently?

This also ties in with a topic that I touched on in an earlier post, which is the fact that I feel a stronger need to write when something upsets or bothers me. I have been really happy and content lately, which is great, but does this prove that I cannot write when I’m balanced? Does this mean that discontent fuels my writing? Another scary, concerning thought.

I don’t know, I guess I’ll just wait and see what happens and observe how I feel about writing. Maybe I’ll try to make some more time for it in order to sit down like now and just type down my thoughts and then go from there.

There’s not really a point to this text. Just some very open thoughts and reflections that are nowhere near to coming to a conclusion. So this text won’t have a conclusion either, but if you want to add your thoughts to the picture you’re more than welcome to.


All the best


When your friend randomly falls…

We walked
The streets for hours
And talked
Through the night

But then
When we passed the church
You fell
And got hurt

You went down
On the ground
And it made
A dull sound

I was shocked
But you said you were alright
And that was when
I lost the fight

I burst out laughing
I couldn’t stop
It was so funny
How you had dropped

But I’m sorry
I really am
For laughing although
You hurt your hand
I’m sorry
Believe me, man
And please forgive me
I hope you can

I am aware of the bad quality of this poem :) – it was actually a little song I quickly wrote for a friend. She had a little accident last time we met and I wanted to apologize for my reaction… (don’t worry, she’s ok, and she laughs about it, too – I even have her permission to put this up here)
I just thought you might be able to relate to those situations where you just can’t help but laugh…

Also, why not start the New Year with a bit of randomness!

Cat drawing (because why not?)

I feel sorry for not posting anything in a while. I guess you probably don’t really mind, but for myself this is always a sign showing me that I don’t take enough time to be creative, and instead I get too much consumed by work.

So last night I didn’t feel like writing, but I felt like drawing. I’m not good at drawing, but every now and then it’s fun to do it anyway, so I figured I might as well post it on here… :)

-Don’t worry, I won’t start doing this on a regular basis; I won’t make you suffer too much :D

Just a catHave a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!

The 10 stages of paper writing

In case I haven’t mentioned it yet: I am a student, and right now it’s paper writing season…

1. Oh this is great, I have so much time, and some ideas… I’m looking forward to it. If I work a little every day it won’t be a problem.
2. HELP! I don’t know where to start and how to go about it, and also I don’t feel like getting back to work… Why do I have to do this??
3. Ok, today I’ll just do some reading, gotta do that anyways. Huh, this is actually really kinda interesting.
4. Well, I did so much yesterday, I think I’ll take the day off. I deserve that, and I’m allowed to have some free time – at least every now and then.
5. Oh my… I HAVE to get back to work! I won’t be able to finish in time otherwise- AHH I’ll never have enough time! Well, now I spent so much time panicking that the day is over… But starting tomorrow I’ll be working hard and get this finished asap!
6. Ok so stop whining and start working! Wow, I really got a lot done today, I can do this!
7. Hmmm… I did so much yesterday, I think I’ll take the day off, I deserve that!
8. Oh my… I HAVE to get back to work, the deadline is around the corner and I still have to revise it and give it to someone for proofreading. Alright, I have to finish it NOW.
9. I’ll re-read it one last time, just to be sure – OH wow, what on earth was I thinking?! This is horrible! Ok change this, rewrite that, add something there and delete this. Well, this just has to be it. There’s no more time, and I’ll only make it worse anyway, so I’ll just hand it in.
10. Great, somehow I managed to finish just in time. But next time I’ll start earlier and I’ll stick to my plan. I’ve learned from my mistakes!
(11. yeah right^^)


Helped by a stranger

Sometimes it is important to be in the right place at the right time.

I don’t want to start blogging too much about my daily life on here. Mostly because I think it wouldn’t be very interesting, and also because I still find it more accurate to bore people personally with stories about my day :). But in my last post I also committed to writing more about the good things that happen around me. Hence today’s post on something really nice that just happened to me a few hours ago:

I was on my way to the bus station, but still on the other side of a large street, when I saw the bus arriving. I decided to take off as fast as I could in order to catch it. Unfortunately I needed to go through an underpass to get to the other side, and my bags and other pedestrians were slowing me down. I was already starting to lose hope, but just when I reached the stairs on the other side, a guy, who had probably just come out of the bus, walked by at the top of the stairs. He looked down and saw me hurrying up. He reacted right away, turned around and ran back to the bus to keep the door open for me. I gave him the biggest smile I could manage to come up with in my “out-of-breath state” and thanked him as I got on the bus. I don’t know if I’d have been able to catch the bus without the help of that guy, or if I had still managed to reach the train in time if I had taken the next bus. If not, it wouldn’t have been a huge problem, either. However, that person still totally made my day! His kindness and readiness to help others are not to be taken for granted. Even though it might have been a small thing, he still took the time to help me out, and I want to thank him for that (although he most probably won’t read this).

As I’ve said before: Beauty can be found in small things, and this was a great example of a beautiful gesture.

Thank you!

And people: be nice to strangers, they’ll appreciate it (well… at least most of the time…)


How I talk to my friends

How I usually talk to my friends:
Too bad that you can’t make it for lunch today, but don’t worry, we’ll see each other tomorrow.

How I talk to one particular friend of mine:
Dear traitor, you who abandoned us, I thee wish an enjoyable meal.
Sad ain’t enough to express my grief,
who is this other person, this thief?
Thou hast not the right to complain,
it is me who is sitting here in vain!
But before thou despairst in sorrow,
remember, we will meet again tomorrow!

This was part of a real text message conversation… :) Sorry for all the mistakes in my improvised ancient English…