In life people come and go. Passengers, travellers, searching, finding, losing, winning. Some seem to just stop by, say hello and leave again. You’d never expect them to stick around. But sometimes they do. But even the ones that only share a short part of your path with you can end up touching your life in a way you had never expected. Others make you believe that they will stay forever. Then they’re gone. Leaving behind a mark that might disappear someday. Maybe it will only fade away partially. Maybe it will stay with you forever. No matter what happens with and to it, it’s ok. These marks don’t stain your life, they simply show that you’re living it. Don’t stress over marks you cannot yet burry. Focus on the ones you never want to forget and cherish those. Cherish the people that touched your life in the best way possible – whether you expected them to do so or not. Take a second to reflect on who makes it on this list. Maybe you’ll be surprised at how long it actually is.


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