Living abroad blog for the next 3 months

This blog is bout to slightly change its use and content for a little while. I will still occasionally post poetry, random trains of thought and all the other kinds of texts I used to post till now. But, in addition, I’d like to use this platform to roughly document my next adventure.
For my studies I need to spend three months in a French speaking country and so I have travelled to France now. It’s not the first time I travel for a longer time, but it’s still always a bit of an adventure, even if I’m going to stay mostly at the same place this time.

Before I go into what I’ll be doing for the twelve weeks that I’ll be away, let me quickly tell you what you can expect to find on this blog with regards to this journey:

I will not blog daily, probably not even weekly, but I will post a few entries describing my travel, life here, impressions of the people, culture, and my work and lifestyle. We’ll figure it out as we go :)

If you’re interested in reading more about this trip of mine and some travel blog type of texts you’re more than welcome to join in on the adventure. If not, please stick around for hopefully soon to come other texts that fit in more with my previous posts.

Have a wonderful sunday!