Railway tracks

I can’t decide whether I find this just really strange or kind of true…
But it came to be, so there you go :)

I look outside.
And I see railway tracks.

Hundreds and hundreds of bars; their bodies underground, only the heads sticking out.
On their shoulders two long, heavy, important looking iron bars, hardly bendable, keeping the smaller ones down and in place. Making sure that the trains can smoothly roll over every now and then. Supported and safe.

For the trains it seems normal that the rails are wherever they go. Always intact, ready, obedient. Never complaining.
Do they realize how much their lives depend on the rail system? On a few big bars suppressing all the small ones for a yet bigger authority?

Funny, isn’t it, how we build things according to how we live and what we are used to. The quiet acceptance of a system of rules once put in place a long time ago. A few rule the many. Not in harmony, but by force. A system of hierarchy that can only be broken if the masses underground work together to bend the ones higher up, and thus harm the highest of all, as well.

I look at railway tracks.
And I see society.