They killed him. Because they could.

Unfortunately I haven’t really posted a lot lately… Ever since the semester has started I’ve been so busy and caught up in work that I just don’t find any time to write. I don’t like it, but there’s not much I can do about it, so I can only hope for a more creative time during the next break in summer :)
However, I wrote this little short story tonight, and thought I’d share it with you. To be honest, I have no clue where those ideas came from, but whatever, I hope you like it :)

He was walking through the woods, just minding his own business, when they attacked. They didn’t do it for money. Not even for revenge. They had been dared to do it by others, and they thought why not. Their pride didn’t let them refuse to go through with it. Maybe one or two of them were concerned about it at first, wondering whether it was really ok. It was certainly not alright, they couldn’t lie about that to themselves, but then again, is life supposed to be right? If it isn’t fair anyway, would what they had planed even matter?

They hadn’t chosen him specifically. He just happened to be there at the right time. They told each other that this made it better. It was nothing personal, and it could have happened to anyone. But it didn’t. It didn’t happen to anyone else, it happened to him. Out of his perspective, he was there at the wrong time. People would probably have described him as rather normal, whatever that might mean. He had a job that he liked, more or less, and a family. Well, he was divorced, but the children lived with him and his new girlfriend. They argued sometimes, him and her. It wasn’t a perfect relationship. But in the end, they didn’t care because they knew that no relationship would ever be perfect, and as long as they managed to work through their issues and still love each other, they thought it was worth staying together.

Unfortunately, this stopped being their decision when he decided to go for a walk that night to get some air after a long day at work. It wasn’t too late, but the darkness came creeping over the mountains early during those long winter months. He was wondering whether he should turn around and head back, but the cold breeze felt so good, and he decided to walk on, just for one more minute. You could call it yet another coincidence, another part of really bad luck, or simply fate. In the end, what lead him there doesn’t matter. They saw him and they ran out of the bushes without hesitating. Some blinked when they threw their first punch at him, but then the last little spark of intelligence glowing somewhere in their brains, and the last reminder of empathy and kindness in their hearts were switched off. They got replaced by something that cannot be described. Some would call it wild, or animalistic behaviour, but we all know that those terms are not right to describe such actions. There are no words for it because things like that are too horrifying to name. We could start with idiotic, evil, stupid, heartless, atrocious, cruel… And still it would never grasp the entity of what happened that night.

When they left, he didn’t move anymore. He lay there and we can only hope that he will never realize what had been done to him. Their hands and shirts were covered in red. The euphoric feeling lasted for a little while, and then the sparks started coming back, at least in some of them, and they felt awful. The others, well, nobody can tell what’s happening inside of their brains.

People become what they are for a reason, and it’s often not their own fault. Yes, I think there is a lot of truth in that. However, the problem is that he was also someone. He had become what he was for various reasons, too, but after they were done, he couldn’t continue being that person anymore. Maybe something they couldn’t control had turned them into what they are, and that is not right, but doing the same thing to yet another person will only keep the wheel spinning. Even if he is not able to carry on their legacy, it won’t stop there. Others will do it for him.

Thank you so much for reading through the entire story! As always, feel free to let me know what you think of it :)
Happy Easter everyone and have a wonderful weekend!


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