Seriously, how could you not love Disney?!

Sometimes people look at me in a really weird way when I talk about my love for Disney movies. They pretend that it is a rather uninspiring thing. They also say that I’m a weirdo for quoting Disney songs and dialogues, but I don’t even do it THAT often…

To me, those people are just the saddest bunch I ever met, and still I’m convinced that I could show them a whole new world they would really love if they just entered it. If only they could lift their spirit and set it free to explore new things.

At this point they usually just keep rejecting me saying I should go far, far away and never come back with this topic, but most of the times, I just can’t let it go. I want all of them to be part of that world and find the problem free philosophy that comes with enjoying Disney movies. Unfortunately, people seem to be concerned about too many other things to understand this. They think they have to be phenomenal artists and paint with all the colours of the wind, or they are busy worrying about the seaweed that’s always greener in somebody else’s lake…

I’m just glad that there are still other strangers like me who know what’s good in this world and get what I am talking about. And I’m also convinced that secretly, most of the others think “I wanna be like you, and I wanna talk like you, too. I want to be part of your world!” But they just don’t dare to go there. To those people I want to say: “Listen, we might be from two worlds, but we can be one big Disney family, and it will bring honour to us all. Everything will become clear to you once you give it a try.”

And then, when they find their way and finally go the distance, that’s when their life begins: When they realize that they just have to forget about the people who judge them for what they like and what they do.

Who got all the references? :)
Sorry for leaving out sooo many good movies and songs, but this was a rather spontaneous and quick little project. I might do another (hopefully better) text like this some other day.

Have a great time and take care


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