Lonely or Alone?

This is obviously based on a thought/phrase that was not created by me. But I like it a lot and I think there is quite some truth behind it, so I wanted to include it in a little poem.

Sometimes people feel lonely
Although they’re not alone
And sometimes people feel lonely
Even when they’re home

Strange thing, our inner self
So special and unique
And maybe that is why
It’s never completely understood
Maybe if we were more alike
We could see what it means to others
To feel what they feel
To see what they see

Compassion and empathy
Yes, some of us have it
And surely it helps
But is it ever enough?
Is it enough to make us understand others?
To make us understand ourselves?

Maybe understanding isn’t the point
Maybe sometimes we should just be
Even if we’re alone

Because we can also be alone
Without feeling lonely.



The 10 stages of paper writing

In case I haven’t mentioned it yet: I am a student, and right now it’s paper writing season…

1. Oh this is great, I have so much time, and some ideas… I’m looking forward to it. If I work a little every day it won’t be a problem.
2. HELP! I don’t know where to start and how to go about it, and also I don’t feel like getting back to work… Why do I have to do this??
3. Ok, today I’ll just do some reading, gotta do that anyways. Huh, this is actually really kinda interesting.
4. Well, I did so much yesterday, I think I’ll take the day off. I deserve that, and I’m allowed to have some free time – at least every now and then.
5. Oh my… I HAVE to get back to work! I won’t be able to finish in time otherwise- AHH I’ll never have enough time! Well, now I spent so much time panicking that the day is over… But starting tomorrow I’ll be working hard and get this finished asap!
6. Ok so stop whining and start working! Wow, I really got a lot done today, I can do this!
7. Hmmm… I did so much yesterday, I think I’ll take the day off, I deserve that!
8. Oh my… I HAVE to get back to work, the deadline is around the corner and I still have to revise it and give it to someone for proofreading. Alright, I have to finish it NOW.
9. I’ll re-read it one last time, just to be sure – OH wow, what on earth was I thinking?! This is horrible! Ok change this, rewrite that, add something there and delete this. Well, this just has to be it. There’s no more time, and I’ll only make it worse anyway, so I’ll just hand it in.
10. Great, somehow I managed to finish just in time. But next time I’ll start earlier and I’ll stick to my plan. I’ve learned from my mistakes!
(11. yeah right^^)