Working at home

I know this is kind of similar to one of my longer texts I wrote not so long ago, but what should I say, it’s a never ending battle, so why not also write a poem about it…  Maybe someone can relate :)

Ahh, the beauty of working at home…

I know I should be focussing,
How hard can it be?
There’s so much to do,
Can’t you see?

Of course I can,
But how do I start?
I have no clue,
That makes it hard

And then there are all those distractions,
Getting me away, just for fractions
of minutes…

But hundreds of fractions keep adding up,
And when I take the time to stop,
I see that I didn’t get anything done,
And that the day hadn’t been fun.

Yet another empty day,
Spent by simply dreaming away,
Hanging on youtube, writing a poem,
Now go get started and finally show’em,
What you can do in one short hour,
If you decide to give it all your power.



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