Another Facebook poem

I know it’s getting old, but I just had to write about Facebook at some point :)

Oh you people, just Facebooking away,
Where did the time go, I sometimes say
When we actually met up
To ask about our day

I know this is an old discussion
And slowly getting out of fashion
But well, it’s just great
Someone posted a status update

About the weather, or what they eat
Well look at that, isn’t it neat?
What would I miss if I didn’t know
That two villages over, they got some snow
And someone somewhere is baking a pie
Why are you sharing that – oh I know why
You’re making us jealous because you’re aware
That the real pie, you won’t have to share
“Oh well”, you say, “that’s quite a shame”
But I just got hungry, and it’s you I will blame
For going out and buying a cake
And eating it all for revenge’s sake

Oh that revenge plan sounds so great
I think it is worth a status update!



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