Helped by a stranger

Sometimes it is important to be in the right place at the right time.

I don’t want to start blogging too much about my daily life on here. Mostly because I think it wouldn’t be very interesting, and also because I still find it more accurate to bore people personally with stories about my day :). But in my last post I also committed to writing more about the good things that happen around me. Hence today’s post on something really nice that just happened to me a few hours ago:

I was on my way to the bus station, but still on the other side of a large street, when I saw the bus arriving. I decided to take off as fast as I could in order to catch it. Unfortunately I needed to go through an underpass to get to the other side, and my bags and other pedestrians were slowing me down. I was already starting to lose hope, but just when I reached the stairs on the other side, a guy, who had probably just come out of the bus, walked by at the top of the stairs. He looked down and saw me hurrying up. He reacted right away, turned around and ran back to the bus to keep the door open for me. I gave him the biggest smile I could manage to come up with in my “out-of-breath state” and thanked him as I got on the bus. I don’t know if I’d have been able to catch the bus without the help of that guy, or if I had still managed to reach the train in time if I had taken the next bus. If not, it wouldn’t have been a huge problem, either. However, that person still totally made my day! His kindness and readiness to help others are not to be taken for granted. Even though it might have been a small thing, he still took the time to help me out, and I want to thank him for that (although he most probably won’t read this).

As I’ve said before: Beauty can be found in small things, and this was a great example of a beautiful gesture.

Thank you!

And people: be nice to strangers, they’ll appreciate it (well… at least most of the time…)



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