Life is full of surprises
I guess…

Sometimes you work hard on a plan
And do what you can to stick to it
But then some tiny little component changes

Maybe it was your fault, maybe someone else’s
Does it matter?
Well yes, kind of…
It makes you either angry at yourself or at someone else
Is one better than the other?
Probably not.

At first sight, being mad at someone else might seem easier
Then again, it is so unfair if another person can just crash your plans…
On the other hand, if something happens
Will you ever be able not to blame yourself at all?

Sometimes I guess you shouldn’t
Blame yourself, I mean
However, it’s more realistic that you’ll do it anyway
At least a little
And sometimes maybe rightfully
But not always

The fact is that this messes up your whole plan
Hence, you have to start making a new one
And now you have to choose:
Pick yourself up and give 100% again
Or just let it all go because what’s the point?

In the end I feel the urge to say that no matter what
It’ll be ok (right?)
Have faith

Oh faith!
What a curious place this planet would be without you…



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