Friendship is like… shoes!

What is friendship?
They ask

It’s blue and crispy and yellow,
I say.
It’s like pineapple and guitar strings,
like mountains and clouds,
I add.
It’s also like books and shoes,
like laughter and cries.

This might seem random, but
1. It isn’t
2. This is me saying that I think friendship is accepting and loving your friends for all their awesome, and crazy, and weird sides.

To all my amazing friends who are always there for me, even after reading my strange poems :)


Another Facebook poem

I know it’s getting old, but I just had to write about Facebook at some point :)

Oh you people, just Facebooking away,
Where did the time go, I sometimes say
When we actually met up
To ask about our day

I know this is an old discussion
And slowly getting out of fashion
But well, it’s just great
Someone posted a status update

About the weather, or what they eat
Well look at that, isn’t it neat?
What would I miss if I didn’t know
That two villages over, they got some snow
And someone somewhere is baking a pie
Why are you sharing that – oh I know why
You’re making us jealous because you’re aware
That the real pie, you won’t have to share
“Oh well”, you say, “that’s quite a shame”
But I just got hungry, and it’s you I will blame
For going out and buying a cake
And eating it all for revenge’s sake

Oh that revenge plan sounds so great
I think it is worth a status update!


Working at home

I know this is kind of similar to one of my longer texts I wrote not so long ago, but what should I say, it’s a never ending battle, so why not also write a poem about it…  Maybe someone can relate :)

Ahh, the beauty of working at home…

I know I should be focussing,
How hard can it be?
There’s so much to do,
Can’t you see?

Of course I can,
But how do I start?
I have no clue,
That makes it hard

And then there are all those distractions,
Getting me away, just for fractions
of minutes…

But hundreds of fractions keep adding up,
And when I take the time to stop,
I see that I didn’t get anything done,
And that the day hadn’t been fun.

Yet another empty day,
Spent by simply dreaming away,
Hanging on youtube, writing a poem,
Now go get started and finally show’em,
What you can do in one short hour,
If you decide to give it all your power.


Helped by a stranger

Sometimes it is important to be in the right place at the right time.

I don’t want to start blogging too much about my daily life on here. Mostly because I think it wouldn’t be very interesting, and also because I still find it more accurate to bore people personally with stories about my day :). But in my last post I also committed to writing more about the good things that happen around me. Hence today’s post on something really nice that just happened to me a few hours ago:

I was on my way to the bus station, but still on the other side of a large street, when I saw the bus arriving. I decided to take off as fast as I could in order to catch it. Unfortunately I needed to go through an underpass to get to the other side, and my bags and other pedestrians were slowing me down. I was already starting to lose hope, but just when I reached the stairs on the other side, a guy, who had probably just come out of the bus, walked by at the top of the stairs. He looked down and saw me hurrying up. He reacted right away, turned around and ran back to the bus to keep the door open for me. I gave him the biggest smile I could manage to come up with in my “out-of-breath state” and thanked him as I got on the bus. I don’t know if I’d have been able to catch the bus without the help of that guy, or if I had still managed to reach the train in time if I had taken the next bus. If not, it wouldn’t have been a huge problem, either. However, that person still totally made my day! His kindness and readiness to help others are not to be taken for granted. Even though it might have been a small thing, he still took the time to help me out, and I want to thank him for that (although he most probably won’t read this).

As I’ve said before: Beauty can be found in small things, and this was a great example of a beautiful gesture.

Thank you!

And people: be nice to strangers, they’ll appreciate it (well… at least most of the time…)


A good day

~To a much beloved friend~

It turned out a little cheesy, but I don’t care: Embrace the good moments! :)

There are days where you just feel bad and you can’t explain why.
I don’t like these days… I guess nobody does, really.
I also think that those days inspire the process of writing, drawing, making art… But I don’t know why that is.
I mean it’s weird, isn’t it? Why would we feel the need to share our pain? To drag others down with us? To get comfort? To get help?
Sometimes maybe just to get it out and get some distance.
I often find myself writing on those days because it helps me process my thoughts and takes some weight off me.

But you know what? Today was a good day! Not a great one, not one that only made me feel awesome, but simply a good one.
I worked a lot by myself without feeling alone. I feel like I have accomplished something, and I could really enjoy my breaks because I spent them with a dear friend.
Isn’t it wonderful how good friends can make you feel? I find it fascinating, and I hope I can return that simple feeling of belonging that is actually not simple at all, but because  those people just make everything easy (or at least easier), even that weird feeling I can’t explain seems simple.

This might be a random post, but I have decided to start writing as often about good days as I do about bad ones.
It’s not that I always have more bad ones and that’s why I write a lot about heavier thoughts. Not at all! But somehow it’s easier to create tension and profoundness in more serious texts.

Unfortunately it also makes you cherish the nice ones less because you don’t relive them through writing.
Shouldn’t it be the other way round? Shouldn’t we surround ourselves with happy moments and memories for as long as we can?
I think we should try, and it is my new goal to take the time to write about the profoundness of a beautiful day, a good day, and even just a normal day.

Profoundness can be found in little things. It doesn’t always have to be these deep, depressing thoughts. A content feeling brings lightness to the profound, and the two create a soft, touching atmosphere of bliss.
Can you feel it? Close your eyes, and think of a nice moment. It doesn’t have to be something huge; it can be a memory of a walk in the rain (in movies it always rains when people are sad, so we associate rain with bad days. Stop that! Rain can be a beautiful thing, too! :) ), a funny cloud that made you smile, a feeling of happiness you cannot explain… Whatever it may be, breathe it in, let it flow through you, and feel the relaxation of your body and spirit.
Draw energy from that to shine from within, and share your beautiful smile to make others feel great as well!



Life is full of surprises
I guess…

Sometimes you work hard on a plan
And do what you can to stick to it
But then some tiny little component changes

Maybe it was your fault, maybe someone else’s
Does it matter?
Well yes, kind of…
It makes you either angry at yourself or at someone else
Is one better than the other?
Probably not.

At first sight, being mad at someone else might seem easier
Then again, it is so unfair if another person can just crash your plans…
On the other hand, if something happens
Will you ever be able not to blame yourself at all?

Sometimes I guess you shouldn’t
Blame yourself, I mean
However, it’s more realistic that you’ll do it anyway
At least a little
And sometimes maybe rightfully
But not always

The fact is that this messes up your whole plan
Hence, you have to start making a new one
And now you have to choose:
Pick yourself up and give 100% again
Or just let it all go because what’s the point?

In the end I feel the urge to say that no matter what
It’ll be ok (right?)
Have faith

Oh faith!
What a curious place this planet would be without you…



I have discussed this with a lot of different people and it is something I feel very strongly about, so when it came up again a few weeks ago while I was talking to a friend of mine, I felt the need to write about it. Originally it was just about writing down my thoughts, but now I decided to put it on my blog because it still strikes me how much the worry about looks can define someone’s life.

When I’m at the train station and hear people talk, it strikes me. When I’m in a restaurant, it strikes me. When I’m at university, it strikes me. When I watch TV, it strikes me. When I talk to people, it strikes me. When I think about myself, it strikes me. It’s everywhere: fashion, appearance, superficiality.

I am a proud defender of the looks shouldn’t matter “philosophy”. I don’t wear something because it’s fashionable, but because I like it and because I feel good in it. I don’t mind going grocery shopping in my stay-at-home clothes and without putting makeup on, and I’m interested in people’s personalities. It even goes to the point where I find myself judging others who dress according to the latest fashion because I classify them in the group of people who adapt to what others like instead of expressing themselves. Of course, this is just as wrong, since they might simply like that particular style, and of course they are of as free to wear what they want as I am; so I always remind myself right away that I should not have prejudices.

But what I do not find ok is the pressure society puts on people. The pressure to fit in, the pressure to adapt, the pressure to shine in order to be accepted. Unfortunately we’re not talking about a shining personality here, but about a shining physique. I think it’s alright to dress nicely, and care about your looks, if you like doing it. I do that as well, but only to a certain degree, or for certain occasions. It should not be necessary because you’ll get laughed at if you don’t. And it should not be your one and only concern.

I do not deny the importance of the physical aspect in human relationships. I agree that looks influence how you feel about a person, especially about strangers, because it’s all the information you have about them. But we should at least try to stay open and give people a chance to show us more about them. There’s always so much more to a person than the looks, so how can we decide whether we like someone if we only have that one small part? Again, it is probably an important part, but not the most important, and definitely not the only one.

What bugs me even more is that people fear to be judged for their looks by their friends. Their FRIENDS who, according to me, are supposed to know and like them for their personality. That is just so wrong… I know that we grow up surrounded by all these expectations and also the media constantly talking about beauty and dress codes, but why do we let a few people who have a known name and apparently some power decide what is considered to be beautiful and what is not? Isn’t beauty just another social construct? It is subjective, so there is no way to define one specific way of being beautiful. And why is beauty so often reduced to the outside? Because it is a social construct it is hard to break out of it, I’m aware of that, and I don’t claim to always succeed in it. But I try to be aware of it and surround myself with people who believe in me instead of believing in my clothes, hairstyle and make-up.

Have a wonderful day and just feel good about yourself!