Going separate ways

I just found one of my beloved notebooks (an old-fashioned paper notebook, not an electronic one xD) under a pile of books and work documents, and rediscovered some almost forgotten poems. This one was written in June 2013:

You meet, you greet, you start talking
The two of you, slowly walking
The same aim, the same direction
One being the other’s reflection

Then you go your separate ways
Thinking that the feeling stays
Until you meet again one day
And both just don’t know what to say

An awkward silence, some clumsy words
And somehow, somewhere, it kind of hurts
But then you go apart
Accepting that it was an end-
Not a new start



2 thoughts on “Going separate ways

    • Thank you so much for your nice comment! I think everyone knows that feeling, I just tried to put it into words…
      And sorry for answering so late, your comment got lost in my spam-filter^^
      Have a great day!

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