Sometimes you want to be this awesome and perfect person. You don’t want to let anyone or anything drag you down. You want to be strong, self-confident and independent. You want to stand on your own two feet, and prove to yourself, more than to anybody else, that you are alright. It’s important to you because you strive to be as cheerful and optimistic as possible, since you admire people with such an energy and attitude. Nothing seems to be able to touch them. They do the best out of every situation, and they live an honorable life, without wasting their time on useless drama and sadness. Yes, they live life at the fullest. They’re happy, and they make others happy.
But in trying to become more like them, you try to become an ideal. Something non-existing that you just made up in your head. Those people might seem strong, but they might feel the same about you. You try to be this person, and probably you already are. Not the perfect, flawless version you made up, but a perfect being in the eyes of others.
In trying to become an ideal, you tend to forget that you need to know who you are, and who you want to be. Only like this will you ever reach your best and more. Only in getting to know all parts of yourself, will you also be true to yourself. The first step to becoming an honest person is to be honest to yourself. Face your fears, face your problems. Deal with them, and get done with them. Once you left them behind, you’ll have found the next little piece to a better you. A you that is just the way you want and need it to be, and not the way others are or want you to be.
Never be scared to find your flaws in order to get rid of them or to simply accept them! Striving to be a better person is an endless, exciting, scaring and challenging journey, but looking back, it will feel good to see where you started, and where you went from there. What you have achieved. Never try to be perfect, just try to be better.
Force yourself to have faith again. Faith is a strong and powerful thing. Use it, have faith in yourself. Being passive and longing in self pity will only reinforce your sad thoughts, instead of giving you the feeling that things are getting better. If you feel like you don’t achieve anything, motivate yourself to work on whatever goal you might have. Work on what you love and finish it. Once you get going, you’ll find the joy in doing it again. If not, think about other things you might want to do or at least try!
Take a few lazy days, if you want and need to, but do not get stuck in them. As soon as you get moving, you’ll feel greater than ever.
Cherish your friends, for they should trigger your striving to become a better person if you can’t do it anymore. They should challenge and support you. Only you know all about yourself, but sometimes you might show crucial details to your beloved ones without even seeing them yourself. Don’t be scared to let them help you, but at the same time: never be scared to help yourself. Some people say friendship is a partnership of convenience. It’s about profiting from others. This might be true to a certain degree, but I say true friends always have more pleasure in giving, than they’ll ever have in taking.
You might sometimes think that you’re a little odd and weird, but think about it: who isn’t? And isn’t this what makes everyone special and unique? Isn’t it this uniqueness that fascinates everyone?
I know that it’s easy to write what I just wrote, but extremely hard to live up to it. I know because very often I can’t follow my own advice. However, I also know that sometimes you just need to see a written version of what you already realised deep inside. I know that it can be like a wake-up call, or at least the first hint of a long treasure hunt for new motivation. I know that it might help.



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