How, What & Why

How do you help a person when they can’t be helped?
How do you fix a person when they can’t be fixed?
How can you be there for a person when they hide?

What to do when you know someone needs help?
What to do when they don’t let you help them?
What to do when you have no idea how to help?

Why is it that people have a hard time accepting help?
Why is it that we have a hard time acting instead of just thinking?
Why is it that in the end it’s never enough?

How come that when you’re really needed, you’re hands are bound?
How come that when it actually matters you can’t get close enough?
How come that all of the sudden you don’t know someone you used to know so well?

What if it’s not your place?
What if others could help more?
What if they need you without knowing it?

Why can’t it be clear?
Why does it always seem as if we couldn’t do anything?
Why can’t we just act, and succeed in fixing things?



The Studio Experience

Yesterday I got a really unique chance. A friend of mine studies at a musical academy and took a course that teaches recording techniques etc. Hence, she needed to record someone, and, without ever having heard me sing and play the guitar before, she asked me if I would come and play. She’d only read my texts and liked them enough to give me a chance.
So for the last week I’ve worked on one of my newer texts “One of these days” and turned it into a song that I could present at the studio. I was really nervous, for I basically never play in front of people. I’ve mainly taught the guitar to myself (and with a little help of a friend) and I’m really not good at it, if you ask me. Also, I don’t have any vocal training. It’s just something I like to do in private.
But my friend convinced me to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and make the best out of it.

So last night I went there at 7pm and had a really great time. Both, my friend and her teacher were extremely supportive. They helped me to become more comfortable and encouraged me to dare interpreting the text with all the emotions it entails for me. After 3.5 hours of adjusting, recording, solving technical problems, and me messing up all the time, we finally got two or three good recordings that they will now cut together in the next weeks.
I’m both scared and excited to hear that song…
But I am more than glad to have been given this awesome chance and I enjoyed it a lot. It showed me how much fun it is to share music, but also how tiring it can be to record stuff, especially if you’re not used to sing and play that long:)


Thank you, Nadia, for having made this possible and for believing in me!

Going separate ways

I just found one of my beloved notebooks (an old-fashioned paper notebook, not an electronic one xD) under a pile of books and work documents, and rediscovered some almost forgotten poems. This one was written in June 2013:

You meet, you greet, you start talking
The two of you, slowly walking
The same aim, the same direction
One being the other’s reflection

Then you go your separate ways
Thinking that the feeling stays
Until you meet again one day
And both just don’t know what to say

An awkward silence, some clumsy words
And somehow, somewhere, it kind of hurts
But then you go apart
Accepting that it was an end-
Not a new start


Fall is here!

Rain, and cloudy days, and mist
Bright leaves, and wind, and branches twist
Hot tea, and movies, and fluffy blankets
This is fall, this is beauty, this is joy!

Pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie
Pumpkins that smile, pumpkins that cry
Trick or treat and children laughing
This is fall, this is fun, this is joy!

Witches and demons, everywhere, walking
Ghosts and zombies, friendly talking
Lights and candles all the way
This is fall, this is life, this is joy!



This is a little project; I will try to add a new part every day (or maybe every other day…) until I think it’s finished…

Know that you’re not special,
but special all the same,
know that you are crazy,
and that it’s not a shame.

You’re awesome, you know

And pretty great as well
Don’t be afraid, let it show
Enchant them with your spell

… to be continued…